custom wood furniture. Salt Lake City UT

Why Wood Furniture Never Goes Out of Style

Today there are a medley of different options available when it comes to furniture. Modern pieces might be designed out of plastics or metals, but traditional wood stylings never go out of style. One style that is particularly popular is custom wood furniture. Salt Lake City UT is home to many master craftsmen who can create custom wooden pieces for your home.

But why are these traditional wood styles so popular, and how have they managed to stay in style for centuries? Let’s look at the main contributing factors.

custom wood furniture. Salt Lake City UT

The main factor in their continuing popularity is their durability. These pieces are sturdy enough that there are some remaining from over a hundred years ago. When they do become damaged, it is typically very easy to fix. Scratches or chips, for example, can be remedied by sanding and refinishing the piece.

Wooden pieces are also among the easiest to upcycle, so even after they have seen better days they can be repurposed into something new. For example, an old wooden chest can be sanded down, top removed, and repainted to create an adorable children’s toy box. Alternatively, that same wooden chest can reinforced inside, sanded, painted, and have cushions sewn into the top to create a bench seat.

Wood is better for the environment than other materials when it is appropriately and responsibly sourced. Metal does not decompose, which means it is left in landfills forever. Plastics take thousands of years to decompose. Wood, on the other hand, decomposes very natural or can be burned off to avoid more trash at the landfill.

Wood also neatly matches much of home decors. With a variety of finishes, ranging from a pale, almost white, to a deep brown, nearly black, and the ability to paint wood any color you desire, there is always a place for wood in your home.