storm preparation, Orlando FL

How To Properly Prepare Your Home For A Storm

Storms can cause a ton of damage to your house, not only on the outside, but potentially the interior of your home as well. If you reside in an area that frequently has high caliber storms that have enough power to cause damage to your home, you should know the ways that you can properly prepare your house for such a storm. It’s likely that you are already aware of some effective methods of storm-proofing a home, but there may be some things that you didn’t know about that could save you money on costly repairs. Here are some ways that you can properly brace your residence for a potentially harmful storm.

storm preparation, Orlando FL

The way that you prepare your home for a storm depends on what kind of storm it is. For instance, for tropical storm preparation, Orlando FL requires some different kinds of preparation as opposed to a snowstorm in Colorado. 

Tropical Storms –

For tropical storms, what causes the most damage a majority of the time are the high-speed winds. Securing things like rain gutters, doors, windows, and trimming tree branches prior to hurricane season are some ways that you can reduce potential damages. Things like the siding of your house and shingles often come off during a storm. Make efforts to secure anything that is loose or may easily come loose so that it is not lost during a storm.

Snow Storm –

Snow storms are much different. Prior to a snow storm, you should make sure that your furnace and water heater are working properly. Sprinkle ice melt on your driveway, sidewalk, or any other walkways in the surrounding area to make sure ice doesn’t form after the storm. Frequently shovel your walkways as well so that snow doesn’t eventually pile up around your house and car.